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It’s the morning after the Chick-fil-A drama and I’m still chewing.

I remember the day I was sitting next to an incredibly nice gay guy, enjoying a really good conversation when he dropped the ultimate conversation-killer.

“What do you do for a living?”

I hate that question.  I hate that question because people can’t help but size you up when they hear the answer.  I hate that question because we’re already prone to think of ourselves as human doings instead of human beings.  I hate that question because of what it does to people when they find out what I do.

I’ve often tried to find ways around the question. I’ve told people I work with non-profit organizations (this is true). I’ve told people that I write (this is true). I’ve even told people that I am a spiritual guru that assists people in opening their third eye (I really…

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About xactlydeb

I am a born again Christian wife and momma~ I love the Lord, and hope to be an example of "friendly" that fits His standards of conduct. To God BE the Glory for anything I get right.
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  1. xactlydeb says:

    Yesterday I replied to a neice on FB~ who came in ready to battle due to how Christians have treated her. Those that tell her “YOU are GOING to HELL”
    “No one has the right to condemn another to hell~ That is up to God to decide.
    The bible is clear that none are with out sin- and defines what sin is. By His word- we are told that when we ask Christ into our hearts – we are born again- and that as we get closer to Him, we become new people – leaving our sinful ways behind. Many do not cross that threshold. In fact none will be perfect while still on this planet.
    I see many that sin significantly- by claiming to have Christ in their hearts, and then being hateful toward others who they think have worse sins than their own. Which just serves to push people further from God.

    I can only take care of my own growth or lack of and try to set an example of His love for others. Each person is resposible for listening to His promptings ♥”

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